Another Big Player has “Gone Google”


The Roche Group — a big player in the healthcare industry — has made the decision to take all of its 90,000 employees into Google’s cloud. These folks have an enormous IT budget, lots of talended people on staff, and still they had complications and glitches that got in their way. Collaboration and communication was problematic. To quote the original blog post:

For the last two and a half years, our two different email and calendaring platforms have often been an obstacle for effective collaboration. To end these platform interoperability issues, the Roche Corporate Executive Committee made the decision that all employees will move to Google Apps as the single common platform for the Roche Group.

Roche is an innovative team, and they’re seeing the value in outsourcing email, scheduling, document sharing, collaboration and interconnection services to Google.

Other big players are starting to see the wisdom of Cloud Services as well: The US Army recently awarded its first cloud computing contract, and an enormous bank in Spain opted for Google Apps as well for all of its 110,000 employees.

These items are newsworthy in part because there are so many people affected in each case — and in part because large players treat Cloud Services with suspicion or disdain. It’s beginning to look like larger organizations are starting to realize the value that Cloud Services offer.

If you have questions or obstacles regarding the adoption of Cloud Services, please let us know.


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